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Origin of Riegel surname
Mattheis Riehell:
Read our first ancestor's death record in original
Riegels shot 1937 in Ukraine
Download GEDCOM-File: Complete Riegel Genealogy of Germany
Ahnentafel as Word document (english)
Ahnentafel als Word Dokument (deutsch)
Full text edition of the Becherbach Parish Register 1640 - 1747
Index to the Becherbach Parish Register 1640 - 1747
Index to the Becherbach Parish Register 1748 - 1798
Question and Answers
Becherbach area
A postcard from Piesport
Piesport/Münster Emmel
Riegel Town
Becherbach area
Piesport area
Town map of Piesport 1800
Distribution of surname Riegel
Riegel/Altstatt Genealogy
Traces of Riegel in Piesport
Riegels to Brazil
Riegels to Hungary and Yugoslavia
Riegels to Ukraine
History of Otzweiler and its inhabitants
Riegel Coats-of-Arms
Frederick Riegel from Osterkappeln
Piesport wine at Fergie's wedding
The Easter Calculator
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The Riegel Genealogy Webpage

Dear Riegel friends !

This webpage is a place about the Riegel family, the surname and the history of its people. It has been a history of many migrations and emigrations since 17th century for several reasons. So it came that the surname Riegel is now widely spread in the world, mostly in Germany (abt. 3000 times) and USA (abt. 5000 times). May be not all of us are really related to each other, but it would be nice to find out as far as possible.

Our story begins around 1650, when Mattheis Riehell, probably cooper, came with his wife Maria and children from Münster Emmel (Piesport/Mosel) to Becherbach in the Palatinate ...

Riegel places in Germany

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The Riegel Genealogy Webpage is your place. If you have any information about our family you want to put here, please send me an eMail.

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Stefan Riegel